Skill Profiling: What are the real benefits of it for you?

  • Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Skill profiling is a process that connects the essential requirements of a job and the abilities, knowledge, and characteristics needed to show the employee or candidate appropriate for a role.

It’ll also help an employee know if they’d be successful within the role if they can see they have the skills required for the job.

This process summarises the requirements for any open position to a candidate so, they have the necessary information.

Erango aims to include everyone, easing processes for both the employee and the business.

Skill profiling is just one of the features that is provided that allows for that. So, let’s learn more about how they can truly benefit a business and their employees…

Puts the employee’s career in their hands

This software provides ease of viewing for an employee to see a jo’s skill profile. They’re able to see what training is required for a role in an easy format.

So, whether it be they’re applying to join the company or move job roles within it, they’ll know what is needed to be a suitable candidate.

If the candidate is already an employee, it could encourage motivation to build the skills, in turn keeping them engaged with their work.

Helps comply with audits

With companies where training is essential such as, working within a food premises or within a factory, skill profiling is a handy tool to have.

It collects an employee’s training into one area. Providing an easy-to-follow record of the training they have and when it was completed.

This is essential for companies where audits and inspections happen regularly and hold a lot of importance for the business’s reputation. Auditors and inspectors can visit the company and view the records easily with skill profiling. Organisation is helpful in these instances in helping a company look professional and compliant with the legal requirements expected.

Identifies knowledge gaps

As an employee it can be difficult to find out what skills are needed to develop within their career whilst also working. Without skill profiling it could take lots of time during their working hours to find this information out.

However, using it means it’ll all be in one location giving the employee a chance to see what skills they’re missing, if any.

For any missing skills it gives them the opportunity to develop these skills or gain the training required. It could even encourage them to request the desired training which as a company will benefit retention if they can see the business is supporting their needs.

It also means that if a company has an opening but, no one internally has the training then providing it someone showing interest will ensure that role is fulfilled.

Ensures good candidate matching

For companies who are hiring both internally and externally, skill profiling ensures a much better match for job roles.

It reduces favouritism, less time consuming, and a much smaller burden when it comes to hiring for HR. They can view an employee’s or candidate’s skills profiles and crosscheck them against what is required to see whether they’d be appropriate for the position.

It simplifies it for the employer and employee as it makes sure the role is fulfilled promptly and applicants are made aware in quick response time.

More importantly Erango helps the employees, which in turn will only help the business. In turn providing, employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

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