Corporate Competencies: How do they benefit employees?

  • Thursday, October 14th, 2021

For employers, corporate competencies allow them to manage their employees on an individual basis with their job role and it’s expectations.

They often layout a set of knowledge, skills, and behaviours that an employee needs to be successful within the company and specifically their role.

You can show an employee how they can develop, where they are performance wise, and measure their overall success within a business.

Erango is a system that shows corporate competencies to both the employee and employer that are easily accessible and understandable.

One of the benefits of corporate competencies is that they integrate easily into daily work practices, from the hiring process to performance appraisals.

Addressing both technical and more difficult-to-define behavioural expectations of a job known as ‘soft skills’.

Employers benefit heavily from our software, one of the main thought processes Erango focuses on though are the employees.

These include corporate competencies provides a large scope of opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available or easy.

So, how do employees benefit from corporate competencies?

Makes their job expectations clear

Many employees when they’re a new starter will be provided with job role objectives and expectations.

However, will an employee remember the job role expectations without reviewing them regularly?

It’s unlikely! So, having a system in place where the employee can view their competencies on their on accord is helpful.

Verbally explaining what expectations are requires from an employee will not be a memorable form of communication.

Corporate competencies cut out this difficulty out. They provide the expectations and levels of experience that can be viewed in order to be successful within the company.

Especially for new starters who may want to track themselves during probation.

They can just load the competencies up, read the statements, and compare where they are currently in their role.

See where they can develop

An employee may wish to develop their career or move job roles within the business and employers should support that.

However, how can an employee develop without the job expectations and information needed to do this?

That’s where competencies create ease. Employees can view the steps needed for it, look at the expectations and performance required to take the next step.

This provides talent retention, allowing employees’ development and ensuring fulfilment within their role. In turn this means they’re more likely to continue to progress in the company.

Corporate competencies provide development for employees whilst retaining good talent for the employer which is difficult to do without them.

Provides open communication with their manager

Appraisals and progress reviews are scheduled in at specific intervals but, they aren’t always too frequent. So, what if an employee feels they have developed into the next role or progress stage?

This is where it is important to have the competency expectations as an employee so they can review the competency statements, link evidence to them and raise a query or progress meeting if it seems reasonable.

It allows for some employee independence in regard to their progression and communicating that with a manager.

Know how to improve

It could be that an employee has been falling behind, struggling, or just wishing to improve how they’re doing in their current role but, they need a refresher as to how they can do that.

By having a set of corporate competencies to refer to whenever they wish to then they’re able to remind themselves what the expected behaviour are within their role.

The benefit of this for the employee is that they will be able to specifically focus on elements they know they need to improve in rather than assuming or not knowing what they need to work on.

If you’re wanting reliable software that provides support to both you and your employees through corporate competencies as well as additional services, contact us or book a demo!

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