Classroom Training To E-Learning During 2020

  • Friday, April 30th, 2021

It’s 2019, Nicholas Associates Software is working with Stafforce, a UK-wide temporary labour provider, to develop a platform that can deliver classroom learning whilst being able to facilitate the capture of the assessment and store the outcome digitally. It’s now Quarter 4 in 2020 and Stafforce is on-boarding people as quickly as they can to meet the demands of their food clients’ seasonal peak.

In Quarter 1 2020 we evaluated the previous peak time and discussed what had worked well, what could be improved on and put the necessary actions in place to deliver our platform for the upcoming temporary labour peaks, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Easter, and then… well we all know what happened next!

The Challenge

As classroom training became unavailable we had to find a way to help the Stafforce candidates on-board as quickly as possible to support what had now become a new peak as everybody rushed to buy supplies. Our team worked closely with NA Consulting our sister brand for digital eLearning design and development, during this partnership we were able to develop three main courses to help satisfy this new demand.

  • Food Safety Level 2, accredited by Highfield Qualifications
  • Introduction to Health and Safety, accredited by Highfield Qualifications
  • A literacy and numeracy assessment

All of these courses were critical for onboarding candidates and making sure that the workforce remained compliant. However, simply having the courses wasn’t enough, the system needed to be efficient. Stafforce consultants were already busy trying to adapt to a new way of working, it was essential that enrolling people onto the courses was as quick and easy as possible. We worked closely with the recruitment teams across the country to reduce the data entry aspect to just three pieces of key information, meaning that enrolling a new candidate took a matter of seconds. As you can imagine, during this time, speed of response and fulfilment was essential to the clients Stafforce supplied and ultimately their customers.

The Result

5,000+ Learners Taking 18,000+ Courses since March 2020

Since March 2020, we have enrolled over 5000 learners, who have taken over 18,000 courses, and helped Stafforce and their clients cope with the changing situation. The fulfilment rate during this period was 98% which is a fantastic achievement during lockdown periods and great uncertainty. Erango enabled Stafforce to not only deliver on service but through its auditing tools provided them with the assurance they remained 100% compliant.

As with any implementation and development process, evaluating the effectiveness and success is key to the continuous development of Erango, completing this process has helped us identify and implement additional features to help manage and train the workforce.

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